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Seamless parking solution: Leipzig's park and ride spaces in real time

Oct 13, 2023 4:04:49 PM

The Leipzig Public Transport Company (LVB), in collaboration with the City of Leipzig, has introduced an innovative feature in the LeipzigMove app. Since last month, this feature has been aimed at enhancing the use of Park-and-Ride (P+R) facilities during big events like football matches or concerts, while also providing effective guidance to drivers. It enables real-time monitoring of parking space availability on these premises. Currently, the functionality is in the testing phase.

Behind this new service lies the Digitalization Project "Park IT" of the Transport and Civil Engineering Office, which involves the deployment of existing and new sensors to monitor more than 800 parking spaces across six different locations in Leipzig Michael Jana, the head of the Transport and Civil Engineering Office, stated, "This feature aims not only to reduce the search for parking but also to contribute to the reduction of noise and pollution emissions in the long run. Furthermore, it will help integrate car traffic more seamlessly with public transport."

The new sensors installed on light poles at the Knauthain and Lausen P+R facilities can detect the occupancy status of individual parking spaces based on changes in lighting conditions. Of course the privacy of car owners is protected, as the image data resolution is low, and it is only used within the system without recording. Continuous updates are made to the data, integrating it into the Leipzig Public Transport Company's mobility app and the leipzig.de website. 

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Linh Pham

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